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Bartender Annie finds herself battling through another Saturday night of drunken debauchery. Amidst de-blocking toilets and consoling drunk women, she’s convinced if she picks up another pint glass full of sick she's going to loose it. 

But Annie’s not the type to get angry. 

Guided by women struggling with the same issues, and those that magically seem to be able to say it as it is, Annie now has the opportunity to find her strength. But will she take it?

Director Katie Harriman

Writer Amy Charles

Cinematographer Aimee Bant

Editor Michalina Kubiak and Andrew Olssen

Colourist Josh White

1st AD Callum Ahmed

2nd AD Leah Hardwick

AC Anna Bant

Gaffer Danny Allen

Sound Phil Codd and Dean Hinchliffe

Music Tyla Joe Connett and Kasio Kid

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