Long Division. The Music Festival.

Let's rewind for a moment.

It's 2001, I'm beginning secondary school, thrown into the deep end of education drowning in a pool of horrid, pointless subjects which I am NEVER going to need when I'm all grown up becoming a famous film director. Arithmetic. Maths. Multiplication. Trigonometry. Long division. Kill me.

It’s the same year that Ash released “Burn Baby Burn” and there I am, tapping my pencil to the rhythm of early naughties indie rock bands whilst studying the basics of long division. Unknowingly, there I was, painting a nostalgic story for myself to recall fourteen years later when I find out that Long Division isn’t just something we pretend to understand in high school maths classes.

Long Division is a yearly music festival which has taken place in Wakefield for the last 5 years, a magnetic force to music lovers all over West Yorkshire who flock to see an amazing line up every year. This year Ash were at the top of the bill along with the likes of British Sea Power, Pulled Apart by Horses and many other brilliant bands. All in a tiny town in the heart of Yorkshire. When we were booked to film the official video alongside Skysail Studios I felt the eleven year old trapped inside of me do a few cartwheels. There I was, standing inches from a band who’s music I virtually grew up with doing what I always dreamt of doing all those years ago trapped in those painful maths classes. What did I dream of? Making art for a living.

It doesn’t matter how many times I pinch myself I still find it hard to believe that we are doing what we love and every day more exciting projects and people are thrown our way.

Stay tuned for the official Long Division film. Until then, here are a few snaps from the festival:

(The Ash interview, The Lovely Eggs and The Fat White Family)


Kiwi popsicle
Fat White Family.png

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