The Telephone Rings and it's Humber Calling...

I was asked to document the building of six telephone boxes in Hull last month. Seemed a bit odd but as usual, I didn't question it.

I turned up to the 1884 car park (where the build was taking place) to find five of the six artists and collectives readily awaiting to construct their boxes. There they were being unloaded from a white van - each one different colours of the rainbow. In fact, freedom colours. Freedom Festival colours.

Right, so it's starting to make sense now.

If you're not local to Hull you probably wouldn't be aware that unlike anywhere else in the country, the telephone boxes are white here as opposed to the national, recognisable red telephone boxes. Hull is the only place in the country to have it's own communications supplier (Kingston Communications) whereas the rest of the country is supplied by British Telecom.

So now I understand why telephone boxes. Each artist/collective had designed a unique art installation for their own colourful box. Each one had been inspired by a Scanner track titled "Air Time" (listen here: based on the concept of Freedom. For two or three weeks I documented the creation of five of these amazing installations (the sixth by Omni Studio was put together in a different location) where I had first hand experience of witnessing these amazing 'things' come to life.

Freedom Festival came and went in the blink of an eye but what an amazing weekend. Having the opportunity not only to film the boxes being built and created but also to see and document the public interacting with the installations was an amazing experience which I will never forget. Stay tuned for the film this month - before then have a look at the 'teaster' we made for last month's installment of 'AMBITION' held at Fruit.

"Voice Box" by Russian Red

"Invisible Voices" by Gorgeous Arts

"Visualising the Voice of Freedom" by Zach Walker

"The Megaphone Box" by Omni Studio

"Restrict! Radio" by Cascade Arts

"Network TEMPORA" by Clare Holdstock

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